Investor's Guide

Trading on PSE is conducted via licensed securities traders who are also the Exchange members. These are primarily the major banks and brokers. If you decide to invest in the Exchange, you need to contact one of the Exchange Members.

Exchange Members

Step by Step

1st step - Contact one of Exchange Members

  • Trades at the Exchange may only be made through Exchange Members, i.e. major banks and brokers
  • We recommend to contact more Exchange Members and choose the most suitable offer according to conditions (range of services, fees, data access, member‘s availability etc.)

2nd step - Sign contract with Exchange Member

  • Commission Contract, Dealer Agreement etc.
  • Questionnaire for investors

3rd step - Place orders (to Exchange Member) for trading with investment instruments

  • On-line trading platforms for clients
  • Order placement via phone
  • Portfolio management (personal broker‘s services)

Requirements for Investors

  • Proof of identity (passport, ID card)
  • Existence of an asset account in Central Securities Depository Prague - In the case that investor does not have such account, the Exchange Member will manage its opening
  • Cash account
  • A company (legal entity) moreover
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Only responsible persons or persons with the power of attorney are eligible to act on behalf of the company