Download Files

Price List with delay T+120'

Available free of charge
Files: AK, BO.CSV

  • for download during the access time only: 7:15 PM - 11:00 AM)

Complete Results of Trading without delay

Available to paying subscribers only
Files: AK, BB, BC, BI, BO, BV, CD, EA, EC, ED, ES, FC, FM.CSV

  • for download during the access time only: 5:15 PM - 11:00 AM)

Futher files and information

  • description_pl.pdfdescription of the Price List and other files containing trading results
  • readmeen.htmbasic information on the Exchange FTP server
  • Results.oldhistorical files (complete results of trading), available to all paying subscribers
  • Results.akhistorical price list files, available to public free of charge incl. one year history

Detailed Information on Technology

Detailed information on technology might be found on the web site of our partner Exchange in Vienna:

Wiener Börse AG