Calendar of START Days & START Market Information Obligations

START Days are organised by Prague Stock Exchange twice a year. During a START Day, representatives of START Market's issuers present the firm's actual economic situation and development of its business activities. In addition, a presentation by issuers preparing to enter the START market could also take place.

START Days Dates 2023

Time, venue, format and also detailed programme of the START Day will be published on the Prague Stock Exchange website well in advance.

15 & 16 May

Spring START Day

9 & 10 October

Autumn START Day

Calendar of Information Obligations for the START Market for 2022

The following information is provided to the Prague Stock Exchange by individual issuers and its accuracy is the responsibility of the issuer. This is preliminary information which may change during the year. For complete documents and information, please visit the issuer's website. Prague Stock Exchange makes no warranties for the information below and is not responsible for any ommissions and errors or for any decisions based on this information (more information).

   Company 2021 Preliminary Financial Results 2021 Annual Report/Financial Statements Annual General Meeting/Per Rollam Decision-Making in  2022 2021 Analytical Report 
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AtomTrace - 30.06.2022 - 22.09.2022
eMan 16.02.2022 09.05.2022 23.05.2022 13.06.2022
Fillamentum - 19.04.2022 27.05.2022 17.06.2022 28.03.2022 24.05.2022 23.06.2022 06.06.2022
KARO Invest 11.03.2022 10.05.2022 15.08.2022 15.08.2022
Pilulka Lékárny 03.01.2022 14.04.2022 13.06.2022 20.05.2022
Prabos plus - 14.04.2022 27.04.2022 10.05.2022
Primoco UAV - 18.03.2022 26.04.2022 20.06.2022