"START Market: designed for Czech and Slovak SMEs"
START is a market for smaller innovative companies looking to raise new capital. Alternatively, the company owners could capitalise their shares and make a full or partial exit on this public market. The advantage of the START market, when compared with other similar European markets, is a low cost for issuers, which is also due to the method of underwriting shares within the unique IT system administered by the BCPP. It also means that a cost for new capital becomes very competitive with other types of financing or exit strategies. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are not required.

Market for smaller companies

  • Prospectus, national accounting standards, due diligence
  • Registered office in the Czech or Slovak Republic
  • Flexible options to raise capital in further rounds

START market is an alternative source of capital for companies, however, it also offers investors the potential for high profits. Investors could be both experienced, high-networth individuals and institutional investors (private or venture capital funds).


  • High-networth individuals with a high risk tolerance
  • Business angels, private equity and venture capital investors
  • Family offices
  • Institutional investors (pension/equity funds)

As of 1st September 2023, trading on the START market is conducted in the continuous trading mode. The minimum order size is 1 share.

In addition, Prague Stock Exchange organise investor relations days, called START Days, twice a year. During this event, existing START market issuers present their actual business results, meet investors and answer their questions. Representatives of companies that are planning to enter the START market in the near future have also the option to pitch to potential investors during a START Day. Investors could either watch the video-conference online or attend the event personally, if possible. Date, time and a venue of the START Day will be confirmed well in advance.

Trading days and START Days

  • Continuous trading mode in Xetra®
  • Issuers provide updates on their businesses during START Days. Investors can attend the event or watch it online