Research Support Program

The Prague Stock Exchange has decided to support the creation of independent analyzes of selected shares and is announcing the so-called Research Support Program (RSP). It is a program to support the creation of analyzes for shares that are not sufficiently analytically covered, or not analytically covered at all, while at the same time for such shares there is a presumption that improved analytical coverage will increase investors' interest in the issue. 

The program is intended for all entities that meet the following conditions: 

  • Exchange member or authorized START market analyst
  • Demonstrable experience in creating ECM analyzes - the entity already analytically covers other issues of shares admitted to trading on one of the stock exchange markets, or issues admitted to trading on another regulated or multilateral trading facility in the Czech Republic or abroad 
  • Ability to create analyzes in the Czech language (or provide a certified translation if the primary analysis is created in another language) 
  • The entity or its related companies does not yet cover the selected issue, even in another language version. 

Each entity that participates in the program can analytically cover a maximum of 2 share issues from the list published by the Exchange within the program. After one of the issues gets 2 new analytical covers, it is removed from the list of available titles. 

It is possible to apply for analytical coverage of the selected issue via email to

The Exchange will then confirm the availability of the selected issue and send the interested party a draft written contract. Contractual cooperation then takes place under the following conditions: 

  • Remuneration for participation in the RSP is payable immediately after the conclusion of the contract - according to the conditions specified in the contract 
  • The analysis and all its ongoing updates will be published on the Exchange website and will also be freely available to all users of the Exchange website. They will also be available to the issuer for publication on the IR website 
  • The analysis will be published immediately after it is sent in electronic form to the contact address of the Exchange 

List of emissions that are included in the RSP: 

TMR (SK1120010287) 
Photon Energy (NL0010391108)
Karo (CZ0009008819)
Prabos (CZ0005131318)
Primoco (CZ0005135970)