19. 12. 2023

New PX START index

Prague, 23rd November

The Prague Stock Exchange is introducing the calculation of the new PX Start Index (ISIN CZ0160000035) as of 18 December 2023. The index includes all shares traded on the START market, currently 14 issues. The PX START Index is a dividend index, the frequency of its calculation will be once a day after the close of trading. The index will be displayed on the Prague Stock Exchange website from 19 December 2023.

"There is now a sufficient number of issues on the START market to make it meaningful to calculate a special index. At the same time, there is also demand for such an index from our members," says Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.

PX START is a new dividend index of the unregulated START market, which can only include issues from the START market. The inclusion of new issues will only take place on the days of the regular base update, which will be quarterly (March, June, September, December). If, on the other hand, an issue is delisted from trading on the exchange, it will be removed from the PX-START index immediately. In the event of a transfer to a regulated market, the issue will be delisted from the PX-START Index at the next regular basis update.

The initial value of the index has been set at 1,000 points as of 2 January 2020.