IT services related to trading are provided by the partner Vienna Stock Exchange:


Xetra® Trading System

The Vienna Stock Exchange as an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) provides:

  • The physical connectivity to the Xetra® trading system
  • The connectivity to the Xetra® trading system via the FIX 4.4 based interface CEESEG FIX and the state-of-the-art front-end solution CEE Trader
  • The operation and maintenance of the MISS infrastructure
  • Xetra® reports via SFTP or HTML offered as Report Server
  • Enriched Xetra® Reference Data can be downloaded via FTP or HTML
  • Service Transaction Billing
  • Service Transaction Reporting

Alliance Data Highway (ADH) Data Distribution

  • Physical connectivity to the data distribution hub ADH of the Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Via ADH in addition to the market data and indices of the Vienna Stock Exchange the market data and indices of many cooperation exchanges are available (BLSE, BSE, CEGH, LJSE, MSE, PSE, …) as well

further information on ADH (PDF)

Datailed Information on Technology

Detailed information on technology might be found on the web site of our partner Exchange in Vienna:

Wiener Börse