Data Feed Services and Connectivity

The Vienna Stock Exchange, the partner exchange of the Prague Stock Exchange, offers the data feed services ADH, ADH via Internet and rapidADH to data vendors, investment firms, and any other interested parties. The data feed ADH provides access to nine security exchanges and three energy exchanges in one format and via one connection. This substantially reduces costs and work for customers.

If you wish to connect directly to the exchange's data hub to receive, process, and redistribute real-time market data, please contact us at Opens window for sending emailmds(a) Data line order forms can be found at the corresponding subsite for the data feed.

Both feeds, ADH and rapidADH, can be subscribed to via the same line.

Datailed Information on Market Data Services

Detailed information on market data services might be found on the web site of our partner Exchange in Vienna:

Wiener Böre- Market Data Services - Information
Wiener Börse - Market Data Services - Contacts