Market Data Agreement

All market data products provided by the Vienna Stock Exchange (apart from Budapest market data) are covered by one agreement. A precondition for the receipt and dissemination of market data is a valid market data agreement (display usage). The agreement consists of a general contractual part, a product and price list, a website form for hosted websites, an annex covering the contractual partner’s contact details and the reporting and audit requirements.

Derived Data Agreement

Contract for derived data and non-display usage (derived data agreement). Clients who wish to use real-time and/or delayed market information in non-display applications or for derived data creation need a Derived Data Agreement.

Datailed Information on Market Data Services

Detailed information on market data services might be found on the web site of our partner Exchange in Vienna:

Wiener Böre- Market Data Services - Information
Wiener Börse - Market Data Services - Contacts