The PX-TR index is the official total return index of the Prague Stock Exchange. It is a free float weighted total return index made up of the most liquid stocks. Dividends are included in the calculation of the index and it is calculated  in real time.

Index titlePX-TR
Index typeTotal Return Index of blue chip issues
WeightingMarket capitalization
Maximum weight20% (on a decisive day)
No. of base issuesVariable
Starting date20 March 2006

AF(t) = adjustment factor
qi = number of securities of the i-th index issue
used for the calculation of the index at time t
pi(t) = price quotation of the i-th index issue at time t
FFi = free float factor
RFi = representation factor
N (t) = number of index issues at time t
Start cap. = market capitalization of the index
on the launch date = 974,253,348,625.2 CZK
Time of calculation9 a.m. - 4:28 p.m.
Frequency of calculationreal time
Periodical updatingThe first exchange day following the third Friday
of March, June, September and December

Description of Indices

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PX-TR Index