Market Data

Current trading data (with a 15-minute delay) can be found in the Market Data section. It shows a summary of the most important data by exchange market, and by clicking each security you can display detailed information and view historical price charts. In addition to current information, this section also includes extensive statistical data.

Debt Securities
Investment Funds
Structured Products
Official Price List



A separate section shows indices including their description.

Index Values
Description of Indices



This section contains general trading information such as the exchange day calendar, trading hours, a list of exchange members and the description of main markets on the Prague Stock Exchange.

Trading Information
Exchange Members
Market Makers & Patrons
Clearing & Settlement


Exchange Guide

Starting investors as well as companies considering raising capital through the Prague Stock Exchange will find a great deal of useful information in Exchange Guide.

Investor Guide
Issuer Guide


My Exchange

All those interested in trading can try a brand new service called My Exchange. Anyone can sign up free of charge and log in using the grey button in the upper right corner of the website. After registration and login, the user can compile their virtual portfolio of securities, set alarms alerting them to pre-defined changes, and many other things.



Rules, Regulations and Technical Information

Links to the rules, regulations and technical information on data subscription, etc., are located at the bottom of the website.

Rules and Regulations
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