10/9/2015 CETIN 172.00 CZK -0.58% CETV 50.60 CZK -0.20% ČEZ 496.80 CZK 2.69% ERSTE GROUP BANK 707.90 CZK -0.16% FORTUNA 73.20 CZK 3.03% KOMERČNÍ BANKA 5,177.00 CZK -0.71% NWR 0.18 CZK 0.00% O2 C.R. 225.50 CZK 8.41% PEGAS NONWOVENS 830.10 CZK -0.49% PHILIP MORRIS ČR 11,947.00 CZK 0.93% PLG 203.40 CZK 0.20% STOCK 67.45 CZK 0.67% TMR 620.00 CZK 0.00% UNIPETROL 154.10 CZK 1.31% VIG 781.00 CZK 0.51%

PX Index Base Valid as of March 22nd, 2010



In compliance with the Principles of Updating the PX Index Base, the Exchange day of February 26th, 2010 became the effective date for establishing the PX index base valid as of March 22nd, 2010. The requirements of the “Principles” regarding base issues of the PX Index were met by 14 issues traded in the SPAD regime. The updated PX index base will compile 14 base issues. The number of securities applied in the index calculation is being reduced in case of the issue of ČEZ  and ERSTE GROUP BANK because of the overrun of the maximum limit of shares in the market capitalisation and in case of the issues of VIG and KITD because of not reaching the trade value amounting to 10% on the Prague Stock Exchange in comparison to the trade value on the foreign market.

New PX Index Base is included in the attached file PX_en.pdf.

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