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ZENTIVA ISIN: NL0000405173

Delisted issue

Delisting date4/27/2009

Selected Indicators

Admission price [CZK]505.00
Date of listing6/28/2004
Maximal price for the last year [CZK]
Minimal price for the last year [CZK]
Market Capitalization [mil. CZK]
Gross yield per unit for 12/31/2007 [CZK]7.40

Information about issue

Kind of investment instrumentshare
Security kindin the name of
Security formcertificated
Nominal value [EUR]0.01
Trading procedureSPAD + AO
Number of issued pieces39,122,750
Trading currencyCZK

Information about issuer

StreetFred.Roeskestraat 123 1HG
Post code1076EE

Issuer's business activity

Zentiva N.V. is an international pharmaceutical company focused on selling, manufacturing and developing modern branded generic pharmaceutical products. Zentiva's key markets are the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Russia. In addition to its core markets Zentiva is developing its business in a number of other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The company addresses a wide range of therapeutic areas with a particular focus on areas that are treated mainly by primary care physicians - cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory conditions, pain, infection, diseases of the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal and urology fields. Zentiva's main product categories are branded prescription pharmaceutical products, branded consumer health care pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The majority of APIs are produced for internal company purposes. Zentiva has production sites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Turkey.

Trading data