7/24/2014 CETV 51.00 CZK 0.79% ČEZ 595.50 CZK 0.08% ERSTE GROUP BANK 529.10 CZK 1.75% FORTUNA 128.00 CZK -0.31% KOMERČNÍ BANKA 4,480.00 CZK -0.20% NWR 3.80 CZK -2.56% O2 C.R. 268.60 CZK 0.04% ORCO 12.80 CZK 6.67% PEGAS NONWOVENS 616.20 CZK -0.23% PHILIP MORRIS ČR 10,407.00 CZK -0.60% PLG 158.40 CZK 0.89% STOCK 106.00 CZK 1.00% TMR 565.60 CZK 0.00% UNIPETROL 127.00 CZK 0.67% VIG 1,037.00 CZK -0.77%

ORCO ISIN: LU0122624777 ORCO

Selected Indicators

Admission price [CZK]1,218.00
Date of listing2/1/2005
Maximal price for the last year [CZK]65.80
Minimal price for the last year [CZK]11.75
Market Capitalization [mil. CZK]1,465.698
Gross yield per unit for 12/31/2007 [EUR]1.40

Information about issue

Kind of investment instrumentshare
Security kindowner/bearer
Security formcertificated
Nominal value [EUR]0.00
Trading procedureContinuous trading
Number of issued pieces114,507,629
Trading currencyCZK
Share of majority holder Gamala Limited as of 2/10/2014 [%]30.72

Information about issuer

IssuerOrco Property Group S.A.
Street40, rue de la Vallée
Post codeL-2661
Semiannual reportorcol012013.zip (3.1 MB)
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Other instruments of issuer

bondORCO VAR/20

Issuer's business activity

Real estate activities, developer, investment and asset management services

Trading data