8/31/2016 | 3:57 PM CETV 57.30 CZK -1.12% ČEZ 422.10 CZK -0.75% ERSTE GROUP BANK 702.00 CZK 1.23% FORTUNA 88.80 CZK -0.22% KOFOLA ČS 427.00 CZK 0.00% KOMERČNÍ BANKA 819.60 CZK 0.20% MONETA MONEY BANK 78.50 CZK -0.19% O2 C.R. 230.50 CZK 1.36% PEGAS NONWOVENS 800.00 CZK 0.76% PHILIP MORRIS ČR 12,754.00 CZK -0.83% STOCK 54.50 CZK -0.09% TMR 665.00 CZK 0.00% UNIPETROL 181.05 CZK -0.52% VIG 473.90 CZK 3.45%

O2 C.R. ISIN: CZ0009093209 TELEC

Selected Indicators

Admission price [CZK]576.50
Date of listing3/1/1995
Maximal price for the last year [CZK]261.00
Minimal price for the last year [CZK]200.00
Market Capitalization [mil. CZK]70,544.041
Gross yield per unit for 12/31/2015 [CZK]16.00

Information about issue

Kind of investment instrumentShares
Security kind
Security formdematerialised
Nominal value [CZK]10.00
Trading procedureContinuous trading
Number of issued pieces310,220,057
Trading currencyCZK
Share of majority holder PPF Arena 2 B.V. as of 12/31/2015 [%]84.1

Information about issuer

IssuerO2 Czech Republic a.s.
StreetZa Brumlovkou 266/2
Post code14022
TownPraha 4
Semiannual reporttelecl012014.zip (12.1 MB)
TELECL012015.pdf (4.4 MB)
Annual reportTELECX012016.zip (8 MB)
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Issuer's business activity

O2 Czech Republic, a.s. was formed on 1st July 2006 by the merger of ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. and Eurotel Praha, spol. s r.o.The integration of both companies has given rise to one sole telecommunications company built on the convergence of fixed and mobile services. O2 Czech Republic is a telecommunications operator providing a comprehensive offer of voice and data, and internet services through fixed and mobile technologies, including offers to use the network infrastructure for operators and providers of public and private networks and services. The sale of services is oriented towards two basic customer segments: the consumer segment and the business segment (including corporate clients and state administration). O2 Czech Republic also provides wholesale services to other public telecommunications network operators and public telecommunications service providers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Based on the organisational structure of the Telefónica Group, O2 Czech Republic belongs to the group of operating companies under O2.

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