5/3/2016 CETV 66.25 CZK 4.33% ČEZ 437.90 CZK -3.76% ERSTE GROUP BANK 667.80 CZK -1.23% FORTUNA 88.00 CZK 0.00% KOFOLA ČS 418.90 CZK -0.17% KOMERČNÍ BANKA 4,779.00 CZK -1.26% NWR 0.10 CZK -16.67% O2 C.R. 240.50 CZK 0.63% PEGAS NONWOVENS 820.00 CZK 0.81% PHILIP MORRIS ČR 12,449.00 CZK 1.20% PLG 207.00 CZK 0.24% STOCK 55.70 CZK -3.80% TMR 640.00 CZK 0.00% UNIPETROL 188.90 CZK 1.18% VIG 523.00 CZK -1.34%

ČEZ ISIN: CZ0005112300 CEZ

Selected Indicators

Admission price [CZK]88.63
Date of listing6/22/1993
Maximal price for the last year [CZK]644.00
Minimal price for the last year [CZK]364.10
Market Capitalization [mil. CZK]235,585.715
Gross yield per unit for 12/31/2014 [CZK]40.00

Information about issue

Kind of investment instrumentShares
Security kindowner/bearer
Security formdematerialised
Nominal value [CZK]100.00
Trading procedureContinuous trading
Number of issued pieces537,989,759
Trading currencyCZK
Share of majority holder Česká republika as of 12/31/2014 [%]69.78

Information about issuer

IssuerČEZ, a.s.
StreetDuhová 2/1444
Post code14053
TownPraha 4
Semiannual reportcezl012014.pdf (1.8 MB)
CEZL012015.pdf (2 MB)
Annual reportCEZX012016.zip (3.6 MB)
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Issuer's business activity

ČEZ, a. s., is the corporate parent of CEZ Group. The core business of ČEZ, a. s., is the sale of electricity, most of which it generates in its own facilities, and the related provision of power system ancillary services.CEZ Group is the electricity producer, the operator of the distribution grid and the player in the wholesale and retail electricity market. The other businesses include telecommunications, information technology, nuclear research, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of power-related plant and equipment, mining of raw materials, and processing of electricity generation by-products, among others.

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